Fun in the sun!

Hey guys! So, I will only be posting these when it gets warmer. Today was nice and sunny, so I got to play outside. Me and my nephew decided to make lunch for everyone and make “The Clover Club” outside. Basically what we did is make snacks, provide sunglasses and an area to sit, relax, and soak up the sun. It was really fun! The customers were our parents. I think this is a good idea for sunny days, and in the summer you can spice it up a bit with a pool, some popsicles, and maybe a light misting sprinkler. Try this at home!


This is not mine, but it is really cute. If you have siblings, they can join in on the fun! I your parents agree, you can even have friends over to be customers! Obviously this picture is a summer version. If you don’t have a pool use sprinklers! No sprinklers?  A hose! I hope you enjoy this idea.

#Summer #Heat #Sun #Warm #Fun #Fish #Towels #Sunglasses #BeachChair #Kids #FamilyTime

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